Year of The Chinese Shoppers

There are always many different types of selling, and one that pushes the limit of creativity is when selling during an event. For example, this year, is the year of the dragon in the chinese calendar. The most auspicious year of all the chinese zodiac. What does this mean? Time to rip off the chinese, duh! Don’t get me wrong, I’m chinese myself, I am just amazed by the hype and publicity that many brands portrays this year due to the year of the dragon. I’ve never seen so many brands are actually targeting the chinese market previously. Of course we all know that because only recently, that the chinese people have grown tremendously rich, therefore there are more items that caters and suit the need and taste for chinese people.

Nike has launched the Year of The Dragon Jordan. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Wei Long. Not to mention the Vertu, Ferrari and Rolls Royce.

A clear example of think globally, act locally.

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